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Wirecard AG is one of the leading international software and IT providers of payment processing, risk management and issuing solutions

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Wirecard works with all leading providers for Secure Elements and TSM services.
Wirecard’s platform has been built to be technology agnostic. As such Wirecard can support various technology approaches discussed throughout the market: barcodes, QR-codes, NFC card emulation mode (Paypass/Paywave), NFC P2P mode, SMS TAN , Username/password entry and more. All key mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS) are also supported. The core components of the Wirecard platform for mobile solutions are the white-lable multitenant capable issuing processing platform and mobile wallet platform. Together they offer a comprehensive set of capabilities and features to set up and operate mobile payment programs – from instant virtual credit cards to NFC-cards provisioned onto secure elements / NFC-handsets Wirecard is using various authentication technologies – depending on the product and the risk assessment.
Wirecard offers white-label mobile applications which provide cardholders/users various functionalities: registration for the mobile payment program, conducting transactions, top-up prepaid accounts, loyalty/couponing features and many more. Applications are available for iOS and Android (RIM and Windows 8 to follow soon). downlodable
All fraud prevention measures and risk management methods already available through Wirecard’s payment processing are applied, including - Industry-specific and customizable, real-time fraud and money-laundry protection - Continuous improvement of fraud prevention models - Integration with European credit scoring and identity agencies - Credit scoring decision engine and strategy support Wirecard works with leading fraud prevention and risk management partners