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Wirecard AG is one of the leading international software and IT providers of payment processing, risk management and issuing solutions

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mobile wallet, mobile POS, mobile loyalty & couponing, mobile money transfers (P2P) issuing services, mobile online payments
Wirecard is an end-to-end provider for multifunctional payment solutions and a one-stop-shop for mobile payments such as contactless cards, NFC stickers, real-time provisioning of virtual cards in NFC-capable smartphones to make contactless payments. Wirecard is setting new trends with solutions in the mobile card reader segment on a white-label-basis as well as virtual credit and reloadable gift cards. Wirecard not only offers a comprehensive set of products and services (issuing services, account management, mobile application, customer service) for the provisioning of mobile contactless payment solutions, but also provides the necessary fiancial services licenses to issue cards in co-branded card programs under VISA and or MasterCard schemes through Europe.
Wirecard offers all elements for a successful co-branded mobile payment card program: technology/financial services and issuing license. Thus Wirecard is the ideal partner to support all companies interested in launching a co-branded wallet or mobile payment solution. Due to this USP and technology Wirecard has been selected by a number of leading international mobile operators in their latest mobile payments initiatives as technical service provider and issuer. Wirecard offers issuing processing for Visa and MasterCard and supports multi-currency for prepaid, debit and credit cards as well as instant issuing, personalization, various top-up services and a TSM gateway. Wirecard has access to more than 200 payment networks.
Pricing varies depending on customer agreements. For more details please contact our sales team. Customer project management, sourcing support for stickers and SIM cards, callcenter support in native language, established relationships with all major HW/SW suppliers, integration with all major trusted service manager (TSM) suppliers, optional provision of SP/TSM services out of Wirecard‘s datacenters, regulatory compliance and much more