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We’re a mobile payments

Inmodo, our sister company based in Sweden, primarily provide mobile ticketing validation technology (this includes a number of validation technology patents), as well as mobile ticketing technology. Our other partnership is with mobile couponing and ticketing provider, xsmart, who are based in Switzerland.
Our offerings are based on NFC, Barcodes, Pluscodes, and SMS/PSMS/MMS. We also offer both handheld validators used by inspectors and fixed validators installed in buses and metro/train turnstiles. These are based on computer vision/image analysis and NFC. For more information regarding our authentication technology, please contact our sales team.
Smartphone and feature phone based. ota
"Validation of the user is carried out through 2-factor identification and authorisation using the mobile phone and SMS, SIM ToolKit or app. For financial transactions, payments are validated against multiple criteria to detect a fraudulent behaviour. " Our sister company inmodo is our partner for all our ticketing/ticketing payment fraud prevention. By using automatic validation we ensure minimum fraud. We connect our validators to our server back-end that contains a ticket database of all issued tickets, as well as information about all performed validations. On top of this, each ticket code is encoded in a proprietary manner and encrypted using a 256-bit key.