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SumUp offers the easiest way for small businesses and sole traders to accept card payments securely, even on-the-go

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SumUpís payments solution requires an internet connection and GPRS information. The card reader itself is connected over the audio jack to the smarthphone. The power of the SumUp payment system is in the backend which is able to work with different kind of card readers and acquiring partners. The communication channel from the card reader to the acquirer is encrypted and PCI-DSS compliant. We are only doing card payments atm. So the authentication technology is the card of the cardholder itself. The merchant has its username and password to register in the SumUp system.
iOs and Android (see above for underlying core technology) downlodable
SumUp has real time processiong fraud detection, KYC onboarding and continuos merchant screening measures. SumUp has build its own risk and fraud engine. However, SumUp is working together with Industry leading third party service providers in order to have the possibility to complement itís own system with large anti-fraud databases.