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The company was founded in 2010 by CEO Daniel Mattes and is backed by top tier investors including Andreessen Horowitz

Jumio is a next generation credentials management company offering payments and ID scanning & validation products for mobile and web transactions.
Jumio’s Netverify™ is available for websites or mobile apps and supports real-time ID scanning and verification of passports, driver licenses and other documents to enable clients to meet a variety of know-your-customer requirements. Jumio’s Netswipe® enables merchants to easily integrate credit card scanning and validation into their mobile apps and websites. This results in increased revenue, reduced fraud and a superior customer experience than offered in traditional checkout pages.
Jumio’s solutions are designed to: - Minimize risk and prevent fraud - Meet industry regulations and internal policies - Create a stellar check-out experiences Service and Security: - Digitally verified: Businesses are provided with digital documentation to meet their process requirements for check-outs or sign-up/application process - S afe & secure: Data is transmitted using 256bit encryption and adhere to strict 24/7 system monitoring standards. - Worldwide support: Our service runs 24/7 and verifies six different document types issued by over 60 countries. - C ross platform: Jumio solutions work with most web browsers, tablet and webcams and are available for iOS and Android applications.
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